As our first product, we wanted to start with macaroni and cheese because it’s the quintessential American feel-good food loved all around the big American table. We make really good macaroni and cheese by doing right by the ingredients, our partners, and our consumers from farm to table. We’re dedicated to sharing where our ingredients come from, how our food is made, and to being an honest partner in business and a positive force in the community. We are a people’s food company. These are the principles to which we’re pledged—with nourishment and community for all.


Local Sourcing

Who doesn’t want to know where your food comes from and who made it? We’re happy to tell you that we personally know all the great farmers and food-makers who help make our products delicious and nutritious for you and your family. We’d even be happy to arrange a tour so you can meet them too! All our partners are local and family-owned:

  • Full Belly Farm (, Capay Valley, Northern CA supplies our Organic Wheat Flour
  • Bay State Milling ( stone-mills the wheat in nearby Woodland, CA
  • Pasta Sonoma ( forges the fun macaroni shape with authentic bronze die cuts in Sonoma, CA.
  • Rumiano ( Crescent City, Redwood Coast, supplies our Organic Cheese

Our Northern California regional foodshed is blessed with quality sustainable ingredients and food-makers, and we’re happy to bring them together to make great products for you.


Employee Ownership

Our employees are our community as well, and very important ones. All of our advisors and managers are employee-owners. We believe that our team members should participate by being owners so that they are truly vested in the success and mission of Good Citizens.

We have an even greater goal; we have aspirations to complete our B Corporation status, a designation a privately held company can earn when it meets all criteria for delivering social good. We hope you’ll cheer us on, it will be a day of celebration when we earn that vaunted designation.


Community Activism

Our support for community starts with choosing locally sourced partners for our products, but it doesn’t end there. We donate our product to food banks, support grass-roots initiatives such as community free farmer’s markets, which makes good, fresh produce and foods available at no cost for those in need. We provide food for college pantry programs to fight food insecurity for students and donate to housing and shelter programs.


Meet our Founders


CEO, Co-Founder, Good Citizens

Kiowa Saunders is a food industry CEO, entrepreneur and social impact leader, currently serving as co-founder and CEO of community-focused organic food company Good Citizens. In previous roles, he served with Wholefoods, Tesco-Fresh and Easy, Safeway and cofounder of New Barn Organic Almond Milk. He is active in social impact, community and educational roles.


Co-Founder, Good Citizens

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a driving force in the food industry, starting his career building private label products to becoming an entrepreneur with an emphasize on social impact. He currently serves a dual role as co-founder of community-focused organic food company Good Citizens and as a director of product operations for food-technology company Treasure8. In previous roles, he served in management roles for Safeway Inc., and Grupo Campari and in a senior leadership roles Dole Company and New Barn Organics. He is a committed social impact innovator and is passionate about creating a positive change in the world.