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Introducing Organic Mac n Cheese

Let's gather around
goodness once again.

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Our Story

Good Citizens makes good food and good communities.

As our first product, we wanted to start with macaroni and cheese because it’s the quintessential American feel-good food loved all around the big American table. We make really good macaroni and cheese by doing right by the ingredients, our partners, and our consumers from farm to table. We’re dedicated to sharing where our ingredients come from, how our food is made, and to being an honest partner in business and a positive force in the community. We are a people’s food company. These are the principles to which we’re pledged—with nourishment and community for all.

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Organic Wheat Flour

craft flour for a delicate texture


Stone Milled Whole Grain

in Arizona & California


Traditional Bronze Die Cut

gives a coarse texture to hold the sauce better


Artisan Pasta

crafted in small batches in Sonoma County and air-dried for consistency and quality


Pasture-Fed Cows

to give a great tasting organic nutritious milk for our cheese